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Student Accommodation, Lets & Property Rental in Bristol, Bath, Swansea and Plymouth

This website is dedicated to helping students find accommodation and lets in Bristol, Bath, Swansea and Plymouth.  If you're a student, please click on one of the cities below for a comprehensive listing of property rental and lets relevant to you. Landlords wishing to advertise their student properties on this site should click here.

 VACANCIES JUL 20 - JUN 21   Landlords on this site are currently taking enquiries for the forthcoming year beginning July/September 2020.  Demand is expected to be very high, with most houses being signed up by the end of January and many going before Christmas.  Prospective tenants are advised to act quickly to avoid disappointment.  For an appointment to view, please select from the listings by city below, and call the contact number for the house(s) you are interested in as soon as possible.

Please note that Studylets is not responsible for and makes no representations about the accuracy of data contained within landlords' advertisements.  Students should carefully check all aspects of accommodation before signing up.

For a list of available houses, please click on your city and the year in which you are looking:
Student Accommodation in Bristol Student Accommodation in Bristol Jul 2019 - Jun 2020
Student Accommodation in Bristol Jul 2020 - Jun 2021
Student Accommodation in Bath
Student Accommodation in Bath Jul 2019 - Jun 2020
Student Accommodation in Bath Jul 2020 - Jun 2021
Student Accommodation in Plymouth Student Accommodation in Plymouth Jul 2019 - Jun 2020
Student Accommodation in Plymouth Jul 2020 - Jun 2021
Student Accommodation in Swansea Student Accommodation in Swansea Jul 2019 - Jun 2020
Student Accommodation in Swansea Jul 2020 - Jun 2021 provides an easy, fast and efficient service, linking students searching for accommodation with property lets from private landlords in Bristol, Bath, Swansea and Plymouth. Please take a moment to read our advice section below before making any decisions.

Student Property Rental and Lettings Advice

What does the area offer for student accommodation?

Bristol, Bath, Swansea and Plymouth have a wide variety of student accommodation ranging from single rooms to houses for seven or more.  Their rental prices range from approximately 60 to 150+ per week, depending on location and quality.  They are owned by both private owners and larger companies, most coming in the form of self contained houses.  There have recently been some quite major developments, converting old office blocks into large student buildings, with many tens of single room flats, similar to the halls of residences.  However these tend to be very small "rabbit hutch" style rooms, and students who want a bit more room find it better to move into a proper student house.  The accepted norm is for students to go into the Universities' own halls of residence in the first year, and then move out into private houses for the second year onwards, although increasingly some students are just "doing their own thing".

What are the usual areas for student rental?


Bristol University students prefer to rent property in Clifton, Redland, Cotham and St Andrews.  Students from UWE tend to rent properties across the city, but mainly in Filton, Fishponds and Horfield.


Students from both universities tend to rent property all over the city, but the main areas are Combe Down, Odd Down, the city centre and Lower Weston.


The two main areas that Swansea students usually opt for are Brynmill and Uplands, although areas adjacent to these are receiving increasing attention in recent years.


Plymouth students generally live in areas such as Mutley, North Hill, Greenbank, The Hoe, Lipson, North Road East/West, Pennycomequick, Millbridge, Peverell and St Judes, although areas further out are becoming increasingly popular.

What should you expect as tenants?

What you get will obviously vary from landlord to landlord: some landlords offer a high quality, well maintained service, others don't.  If at all possible, when viewing a prospective house, you should try and get the opinion of the current occupants of the quality of the landlord.  Important questions to ask include how quickly landlords respond in the event of a problem, how quickly do broken things get fixed.

Additionally, you should try and gauge the property and landlord according to your lifestyle.  If you want a cheap house to have plenty of wild parties and never hoover or wash up, don't go for a landlord that requires the place to be kept clean and tidy.

Very importantly, READ THE CONTRACT.  Different landlords expect different things.  It may seem obvious, but if you're a smoker, don't go for a place that has a smoking restriction.  If you miss something such as this when signing up, you're going to have to live with it.  As a tenant you have many rights, but bear in mind that with rights come responsibilities.  It is your responsibility to ensure you keep to the terms of the legally binding contract you have signed.  Some of the usual pitfalls that tenants fall foul of are paying the rent on time and check out procedure at the end of the tenancy.  Make sure you are fully aware of when your rent is due, particularly if you are paying on a termly basis.  Also make sure you book an appointment to check out when you finally leave your accommodation.  If you leave without doing so, you will forfeit your opportunity to agree amicably with the landlord about any damages to the property, and you will have to take their word about any deductions made from your deposit.  If you pay your rent late, or fail to attend check out appointments, you may also be liable for administration charges.

What documentation can I ask the landlord for?

All landlords must by law have a current gas safety certificate relevant to the property.  In addition, as options, you can also ask whether there is a current fire equipment inspection certificate, a NICEIC certificate (for electrical safety lasting five years) and also evidence of PAT testing of the property's electrical appliances (current for one year).

Are the landlords on this site reputable?

OK, here's the legal bit: is solely an advertising portal for landlords, and can accept no responsibility for advertisements placed on the site, or any claims made herein.  Whilst every effort is made to provide accurate details, no responsibility can be accepted if details are inaccurate or out of date.  Verifying the facilities or attributes of the houses advertised on this site remains your sole responsibility.  Having said that, we take this business very seriously, and want only reputable landlords to advertise here: any advertisements found to be deliberately misleading will be removed.  Put simply, use this site as a guide, and check everything before you sign up.  If you find an advert misleading in any way, or if you spot any errors, please contact us immediately by mailing and we will investigate.

Financial information

For information on student loans, click here and for information on bank accounts, click here.

University Affiliations

Studylets is not affiliated to any of the universities mentioned on this site.  These institutions feature solely to facilitate users to gauge travelling distances to, and therefore suitability of, potential accommodation.

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